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Md:Momen Sheikh
Member Since: 16 Sep, 2020
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: Md:Momen Sheikh
: Male
: Govt. Safar Ali College
Background medium
: Bangla Medium
: English
: Honours 3rd Year
Present Location
: Shafipur,Gazipur,
Permanent Address
: Purbadhala,Netrakona,Mymensingh
Tuition Information
Current Status for Tuition
: Available
Expected Minimum Salary : 5000 tk/month
Days per week : 4 Days/Week
Preferred Medium Of Education : Bangla Medium, English Medium, English Version
Preferred Tuition Time : Night
Preferred Tutoring Style : Group Tuition, Private Tuition
Preferred Classes : Class V, Class VI, Class VII, Class VIII, Class IX, S.S.C, HSC 1st year, HSC 2nd year, Honours 1st year, Honours 2nd year
Preferred Subjects : English, Math, ICT, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Higher Math, General Math, General Science
Preferred Areas to Teach : GAZIPUR ,
Gazipur, Kaliakair, Sreepur

Educational Qualification

Exam Name Year Institute Group/Subject Result
S.S.C 2015 Purbadhala JM Pilot High School Science 4.72
H.S.C 2017 Govt Purbadhala College Science 4.08
Honours 3rd Year Govt. Safar Ali College English 3.00
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